Amendment of Apprenticeship Rules, 1992 to mandate engagement of apprentices by certain establishments

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship vide Gazette Notification No.G.S.R.686 (E) dated September 25, 2019, notified the Apprenticeship (Amendment) Rules, 2019 with, inter-alia, below changes:

  1. 7 (seven) definition clauses are inserted, which includes ‘degree apprentice’, and 'fresher apprentice’
  2. The period of apprenticeship is increased from maximum 2 (two) years to maximum 3 (three) years
  3. A new rule is added to exempt applicability of any labour laws to an apprentice and to consider an apprentice as a trainee and not a worker
  4. Every establishment employing 30 (thirty) or more number of workers shall compulsorily engage apprentice [earlier it was not obligatory to engage apprentices for an establishment with 40 (forty) or more workers]
  5. Ratio of apprentices to workers in a financial year is increased from 10% to 15% and a minimum of 5% is to be reserved for fresher apprentices and skill certificate holders
  6. Minimum rates of stipend payable to apprentices are increased from INR 4984 per month to INR 9,000 per month for graduate apprentices or degree apprentices
  7. Prohibition of engaging trade apprentices between 10 pm to 6 am is removed for apprentices above the age of eighteen. For those below eighteen, working hours to be between 8 am to 6 pm only.
  8. Schedule-I Group 35 is amended to include computer hardware and network technician


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