IRDA amends the Consolidated Guidelines on Product filing in Health Insurance Business

The IRDA has issued new guidelines on Product filing in Health Insurance Business on 4 September 2020 which supersedes the previous guidelines issued on 22 July 2020.

Some of the norms that are prescribed under the guidelines are –

    1. Any wellness and preventive feature shall be designed only with the objective of maintaining and improving good health, thereby enabling affordable health insurance.
    2. As part of promoting wellness and preventive regime, insurers may offer reward points to those policyholders who comply with or meet the set criteria of wellness and preventive features.
    3. No Wellness and preventive feature shall be offered without it being filed or incorporated as part of the product in terms of the Product Filing Guidelines.
    4. There shall be no discrimination in providing any of the wellness and preventive features offered and in granting the reward points thereunder to the same or similarly placed categories of policyholders of the underlying health insurance product.
    5. Every Insurer shall assess the pricing impact of wellness and preventive features offered, if any, and the same shall be disclosed upfront in the File and Use or Use and File application, as may be the case, as specified in the Product Filing Guidelines.
    6. Insurers shall endeavour to engage multiple service providers for providing benefits / services under wellness and preventive features and the list of service providers may be constantly expanded by the Insurers.
    7. Insurers shall not receive any consideration amount for offering the third party services

The detailed guidelines may be accessed here.

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