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A lawyer who is not up to date with the current legal and regulatory updates is nothing short of dangerous. Therefore, at NovoJuris Legal, we strive to stay current. We are also strong believers of growth of knowledge through sharing. These articles and blogs help us share our research with the world, so that no one has to reinvent the wheel yet again.

  • The accelerating pace of Accelerators

    The accelerating pace of Accelerators

    Accelerate  ac·cel·er·ate  (ăk-sĕl′ə-rāt′)  ac·cel·er·at·ed, ac·cel·er·at·ing, ac·cel·er·ates means to increase the speed of, cause to occur sooner than expected, cause to develop or progress more quickly, to move or act faster, Physics: to change the velocity of In 2008, a speaker at one of the

    Sharda Balaji
    By Sharda Balaji about 7 years ago
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