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  • Comparative Analysis: Phantom Stocks vs. ESOP vs. Sweat Equity Shares

    Comparative Analysis: Phantom Stocks vs. ESOP vs. Sweat Equity Shares

    These plans are popular among startups and mid-sized companies looking for alternative compensation strategies to attract and retain top talent without immediate cash outlays or equity dilution.    Phantom Stock Plan (PSP) Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Sweat Equity Shares

    By NovoJuris 3 minutes ago
  • Gifting of Shares and Securities - Residents / Non-Residents

    Gifting of Shares and Securities - Residents / Non-Residents

    Gift is a transfer of movable or immovable property from one person to another without consideration. Shares of an Indian company or of a company incorporated outside India can be gifted to another person (relative or otherwise) by following certain

    By NovoJuris over 3 years ago
  • Dematerialization of Shares

    Dematerialization of Shares

    Shares went digital a couple of decades back.  While holding shares in demat is mandatory for public listed companies, even private limited companies can opt for it. This just makes it a tad easier, especially during the secondary sale of

    Sharda Balaji
    By Sharda Balaji over 6 years ago
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