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A lawyer who is not up to date with the current legal and regulatory updates is nothing short of dangerous. Therefore, at NovoJuris Legal, we strive to stay current. We are also strong believers of growth of knowledge through sharing. These articles and blogs help us share our research with the world, so that no one has to reinvent the wheel yet again.

  • COVID-19 Circulars/Notifications

    COVID-19 Circulars/Notifications

    The Governments at both central and state level along with the regulatory bodies, are putting their best efforts for containment of COVID-19 and to overcome the challenges faced by  business organizations, employees and various other stakeholders during the lockdown. There

    By NovoJuris 5 minutes ago
  • COVID-19: Relief measures introduced by Ministry of Finance

    COVID-19: Relief measures introduced by Ministry of Finance

    As you all are aware that COVID-19 pandemic has severally impacted Indian economy, Governments at both Central and State level have been putting their best efforts to ensure stability in the economy. On 24 March 2020, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister

    By NovoJuris 40 minutes ago
  • COVID-19 Outbreak: MCA’s measures to safeguard the interest of Companies and LLP

    COVID-19 Outbreak: MCA’s measures to safeguard the interest of Companies and LLP

    In order to support and enable Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (“LLP”) in India to focus on taking necessary measures to address the COVID-19 threat, including the economic disruptions caused by it, the following measures have been implemented by the

    By NovoJuris about 1 hour ago
  • MCA filing for Covid19 readiness

    MCA filing for Covid19 readiness

    With the threat of COVID-19 looming large in the country, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) introduced a web based form on 23 March 2020 to confirm the readiness of companies and LLPs to reign in the contagion. This web

    By NovoJuris 6 days ago


    As COVID-19 has spread to almost all parts of the world, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on 11 March 2020 with the observation that governments, businesses, and individuals still have substantial ability to change the virus’

    By NovoJuris 10 days ago
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