Order of FSSAI regarding Refunds

Order dated 18th August 2020 regarding Standards Operating Procedure (SoP) for applying and processing of refund of erroneous / inadvertent payments credited into FSSAI Account in respect of license / registration fee.

The department of FSSAI in its order dated 18.08.2020 has stated that due to several instances for multiple erroneous payment of fees for FSSAI registration/license through the payment mode available for FSSAI portal, the department of FSSAI has decided to follow a standard operation procedure for applying and processing of refunds of inadvertent payments credited to FSSAI in respect of license/registration.

The refund request shall be initiated by the aggrieved within 1 year of the payment made to FSSAI with application reference number and payment transaction details and the same shall be sent to FSSAI headquarters through email at enforcement1@fssai.gov.

Thereafter, the regulatory compliance division shall send it to IT division for verification purpose.

After verification, the request shall be processed as per schedule 3 of FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011.

The accounts division shall initiate the payment and the payment shall be sanctioned by the competent authority as per administrative structure and orders.

Refunds of less than Rs. 100 shall not be processed.

The notification can be found here

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