Fund Formation - Onshore and Offshore

Setting up a fund for seed financing or venture capital is an immensely specialised practice of law. Our boutique of services for fund formation in on the strategic level of structuring the fund, investment ethos, advisory board composition, investment committee structure and governance, GP compensation, and the like.

Our advisory at operationalising the fund formation includes drafting of PPM, Contribution Agreements, Management Advisory Engagement. The regulatory requirements of application, registration, periodical filings, trust deeds helps the fund manager in a one stop solution from us.

For an offshore fund, there are many complex tax and regulatory requirements of various jurisdictions, repatriation, etc.

Managing a growing portfolio for their compliances, tracking their governance, adherence to investment agreements are attractive added services that we provide.

Please also take a look at our fund investment practice for our array of services for due-diligence, investment agreements and transaction related services.

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