Intellectual Property

We are immensely focused on technology companies and hence we get an early advantage and visibility into new, inventive, disruptive, innovative technologies. It is very exciting to discuss with inventors who are deeply passionate about their ideas.

Our range of services are both protection and enforcement.

Patent services include:

Search: Novelty, Freedom to operate, Invalidation/Litigation, Technology landscaping

Patent Drafting, Filing (India, USPTO, PCT), Processing the application till grant.

IP Strategy, IP Policy: Ownership issues, Exploitation, Employee Incentive Mechanisms, IP Hygiene and culture, Inventory and portfolio management, Agreements and Licensing

Copyright services include:

Filing, Open source software consulting, Literary and art work including fine arts, We have worked with both online and offline art galleries

Trademark services include:

Protection, Filing, Defending, Enforcement

Training and IP Audit

Sometimes talking gives solution

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