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  • Founders' Agreement

    Founders' Agreement

    Most founders begin their startup with their friends, colleagues or someone who they have known in the past. The earlier social relationship is now an economic relationship and it is essential to have a strong contractual agreement. There are some

    Sharda Balaji
    By Sharda Balaji almost 13 years ago
  • Limited Liability Partnership

    Limited Liability Partnership

    LLP, a legal form available world-wide is now introduced in India and is governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008, with effect from April 1, 2009. <link>  LLP combines the advantages of ease of running a Partnership and

    Sharda Balaji
    By Sharda Balaji almost 15 years ago
  • Registering a society

    Registering a society

    If you are contemplating starting a not for profit business, one of the options available is registering a Society under Societies Registration Act 1860. This is a Central Act, but registrations are jurisdictional, depending on the location of the office.

    Sharda Balaji
    By Sharda Balaji almost 15 years ago
  • Protecting Trade Secrets

    Protecting Trade Secrets

    You must have read the news last month about an ex-Intel employee being charged with theft of trade secrets. Do you think it was a wilful act or negligence or ignorance? It is imperative for organizations to educate employees

    Sharda Balaji
    By Sharda Balaji about 15 years ago
  • How to choose your legal avatar?

    How to choose your legal avatar?

    You are planning to start on your own.  How do you choose the legal form you need to operate as? Some of the parameters you need to consider are taxability, registration requirements, legal compliances, continuity, ownership and very importantly, liabilities.

    Sharda Balaji
    By Sharda Balaji about 15 years ago
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